The New England Hypnosis Group was formed in early 2009 by a group of community-minded kinksters who shared a love for hypnosis as a fetish and as a tool for kinky fun. We exist as a community of like-minded folk with an interest in the broad erotic potential of hypnosis.

NEHG is a special interest group under the sponsorship of the New England Leather Alliance (check out their website in the sidebar.) NELA provides invaluable support to make what we do possible.

Our primary home is a discussion group on the Kink/Fetish social networking website FetLife, called (predictably) New England Hypnosis Group. You must be logged in to a FetLife account to view any of the content on the site, but it seems to be worth it for most with a kinky lifestyle or interests. The FetLife group is theĀ first place almost any NEHG event will be publicized, and theĀ best place to discuss any NEHG events (real or hypothetical.) If you are not on FetLife, you can also sign up for our mailing list, which we will send upcoming events to as well.

Currently, we have are primarily active in the Boston area, but there have been related events in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts.

If you have an interest in being hypnotized, learning to hypnotize others, meeting people who share an interest in kinky/erotic hypnosis, or sitting around being bored in the vicinity of others who do, you should check out one of our events. The easiest one for many new folk to participate in is the NEHG:Boston HypnoMunch, which occurs on the fourth Saturday of every month in the northern part of Cambridge, MA at a highly accessible restaurant.