Study Group Meeting #2 (September 3rd, 2013)

So, now that NEHG is fully active in the Metro Boston area, we have the Study Group! We meet once a month to share hypnosis skills and knowledge. The second meeting will be September 3rd. If you want to attend, RSVP to the event on FetLife or contact Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info. Also, check out the official discussion thread on our Fetlife group. (You must be logged into FetLife to use either link.)

This month, with the basics under our belts, we’ll be covering the most important skill a kinky hypnotist might never use, how to Handle an Abreaction. We’ll also dispel some of the Myths of Hypnosis. I’ll demonstrate an Eye Fixation Induction and talk a bit about what makes them work well, and maybe also the Floating in Space deepener. If time allows, I’ll also share the Pop Quiz trick that Wiseguy showed some of us in early August, for a little fun with memory play (in a safe and limited fashion.)

In addition to hands-on practice with the induction (and probably the deepener and the Quiz game) we will have time to practice freely, ask questions, and do something, or see an experienced hypnotist do something, or have something done to you that you are interested in. Questions, of course, to Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.

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