NEHG History

The New England Hypnosis Group has been bringing quality recreational/erotic hypnosis events to New England for more than 4 years. Here is a listing of what we’ve been up to since the group started.


4/12/2009 – First Boston Hypnomunch

5/9/2009 – CT hypnosis meetup and demo

5/17/2009 – First Boston Hypnosis Club – Reality Is Plastic

6/20/2009 – Boston Hypnosis Club

7/19/2009 – Boston Hypnosis Club

7/25/2009 – Hypnosis Meetup

8/9/2009 – Hypnosis club

9/19/2009 – Hypnosis Munch and Party

9/27/2009 – Hypnosis club

10/10/2009 – Hypnosis Munch Tolland CT

10/25/2009 – Hypnosis club

11/15/2009 – Hypnosis club – Inductions/Deepeners (chapters 4-5 from Reality is Plastic)

11/21/2009 – Hypnosis munch/play party in NH (SirQittus)

12/19/2009 – Hypnosis munch/play party in Boston


1/9/2010 – Slightly north of Boston Tickling Munch

1/10/2010 – Boston Hypnosis club, topic induction du jour and crafting suggestions part I

1/30/2010 – Hypnosis munch + excursion to Desire party

2/12-2/14 – Hypnosis Special Interest Group Meetup at the FFF., , Room Induction by Lady Ru’etha

2/21/2010 – Boston Hypnosis Club – Elman Induction with BostonBond

3/7/2010 – Hypnosis Club 3/13/10 Hypno munch @ the Society

4/18/2010 – Hypnosis Club

[4/24/10][] Boston Hypno Munch

[5/16/10][] Hypno club with Richard Anthony

NEEHU – [6/11/10][], [6/12/10][]

[8/22/10][] Hypno club: Conversational Hypnosis with Hypnoboth

[9/19/10][] Hypno club: Suggestion Show and Tell

[10/16/10][] Hypno club: Costuming the Mind with Mephki

[11/29/10][] Field trip to see Lee Harrington present on Erotic Hypnosis

[12/19/10][] Hypno club: Instant inductions

#### 2011

Hypno munch

[1/9/11][] Hypnosis Club: Wording suggestions workshop with Enchanter

[2/26/11][] Hypnosis Club: Orgasms with words with Sweets and BostonBond

NEEHU 2 – [4/29/2011][]

[7/4/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hushabye teaches kinaesthetic hypnosis

[7/28/11][] Hypnosis Club: My first Induction with Photojoseph

[8/11/11][] Hypnosis Club: Dinner with Hypnomaestro

[8/14/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnoboth presents deepeners

[9/17/11][] Hypnosis Club: MrDream teaches being a great subject

[10/8/11][] Hypnosis Club: HypnoGuru teaches Erotic/Hypnotic Enslavement

[11/19/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnomaestro teaches 6 basic types of induction

[11/20/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnomaestro’s epic ethics talk

[12/3/11][] Hypnosis Club: Oooh! Shiny!

[12/21/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypno Hangout

#### 2012

[1/28/12][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnomaster_D and the Global Suggestion

[2/25/12][] Hypnosis Club: My first Induction by Photojoseph

[3/17/12][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnosquirrel tells us how to get what we want via effective negotiation

[4/14/12][] Hypnosis Club: Peer learning night

4/27/2012 [NEEHU 3][]

[5/12/12][] Hypnosis Club: Exploring Confusion Inductions

[5/20/2012][] NEHG: CT – Erotic Hypnosis 101 + Demo

[6/9/2012][] NEHG: Boston – Mephki going away party

[7/15/2012][] Presentation by PhotoJoseph and DeCordazon

[7/22/2012][] NEHG: CT – Induction Workshop

[8/25/2012][] Hypnomunch in Watertown, MA

[9/23/2012][] NEHG: CT – Suggestion brainstorming forum

[9/28-30 2012][] Deepmind Darkwood 2

[11/18/2012][] NEHG: RI – Intro to Erotic Hypnotism

#### 2013

1/20/2013 – [NH Hypnosis Intensive Workshop][] hosted by LeeAllure

2/24/2013 – NEHG: CT – [Hypno Meetup][] and [Munch][]

2/15-17 2013 – [NEHG table at the FFF][]

3/14-18 2013 – [NEEHU 4][]

Everything Before the Trance – NEHG:Boston Study Group Session #6

How does the way I walk into the room impact my kinky trancey fun later?

From the moment you meet someone, you can be establishing expectation and anticipation for your trance, and that can make a big difference. So this month we’ll be covering everything from how you introduce yourself to how to negotiate a hot scene without losing sight of the importance of consent.

LexPlay will be providing a brief review of a relevant topic from our November meeting, and Divney will tell us what he’s put together about Negotiation and Consent Awareness. PhotoJoseph will be presenting the rest.

Oh, and a special treat (especially for the subjects) after all that important practical stuff, The Delirious and Devious Yo-Yo Trance!

The Study Group meets at a private apartment in Everett, MA on the first Tuesday of each month. The exact location is shared with people who are attending (you can RSVP via the Fetlife event listing or directly to PhotoJoseph on FetLife or Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.) We also have an official discussion (and carpooling) thread on Fetlife, as usual.

November Hypno-Munch (Pre-Holiday Festivities!)

NEHG:Boston Hypno-munch #8 is coming up soon, and at this point I feel confident that it’s going to be a great deal of fun. We meet on the 4th Saturday of each month from 5-7pm (with a hands-on practice event scheduled afterward this month, and at least the next two months as well) at Bertucci’s at Alewife Station in Cambridge, MA. The official event description:

As usual, you can ask for the “Yellow Ball Group” or just find us, probably along the back wall. I strive to give the restaurant the best head count I can give, so please RSVP YES TO BE GUARANTEED A SEAT.  RSVP on the FetLife event or with PhotoJoseph directly. There is an official discussion thread on FetLife as well.

NEHG:Boston is proud to present the next monthly edition of our munch! Come enjoy tasty food, lots of talk about kinky hypnosis, as well as all sorts of geeky topics. Ask your questions about hypnosis and share your fantasies. This event is held in a public place and is meant to welcome newcomers and curious folks, so there is no play allowed at the munch.

AFTER THE MUNCH We will have a post-munch practical meeting at the Cambridge YMCA. We’ll probably travel together by subway to get there, so bring your CharlieCard (or CharlieTicket, or a credit card). If you’re interested in going a bit further than just *talking* about hypnosis, and want to see it done or try it out yourself, sign up at the munch to participate. The space for this event is also provided courtesy of NELA. Damn, those folks are generous to us!

NEHG is the New England Hypnosis Group, a NELA SIG.

COST: The cost of your food & beverages.

DRESS CODE: Vanilla attire for a restaurant — Don’t scare the vanillas!

TIME November 23rd, 2013 (and each 4th Saturday), 5-7pm (Post-munch Practice session following)

LOCATION: Bertucci’s @ Alewife station (5 Cambridge Park Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140)

I look forward to seeing you there!

Upcoming Events

Just a brief plug for everything currently planned through the end of the year. All the links (except the one with the asterisk) are to FetLife and you must have an account to follow the links. Sorry! As always, questions & comments to Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.

  • This very evening (October 26, 2013) at 5pm, at the Bertucci’s at Alewife station, in Cambridge MA, we have NEHG:Boston’s 7th Hypno-munch, to be followed (at another location, not too long a drive from there) by our second official post-munch practical. For the first time, we’ve got an actual location officially reserved (courtesy *NELA, our sponsoring organization) for the post-munch practical. RSVP for the munch via the FetLife Event or check out our official discussion thread. There’s no online event listing for the post-munch event, you will need to sign up at the munch. If you want to RSVP for any reason without using the Fetlife event, email Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.
  • In a week and a half (November 5th — which is election day, don’t forget to vote — at 7pm at a private apartment in Everett) the Study Group  (links pending) will be meeting. LexPlay will be presenting on the topic of Being A Hypnotist (not to be confused with “Being the hypnotist”, another excellent topic we will definitely cover in the future.) Included will be The Hypnotic Voice, a demo of the Elman Induction (a very widely-used and very specific induction which incorporates many of the elements we discuss when covering other inductions), a simple waking or hypnotic Stiff-arm demo (courtesy Joseph), and the topic you’ve probably been waiting for, Hypnotic Bondage! Time allowing, we’ll also discuss using Hypnotic Catalepsy as an induction (or part of one.) Recommended reading will be posted shortly.
  • Hypno-munch #8 will be the Saturday before Thanksgiving and Chanukah (Saturday, November 23rd.)
  • The last Study Group of 2013 will fall on December 3rd. I’m planning to present on the Pre-Talk and what hypnotists call Congruency. Because of the holidays, I’ll do another eye-fixation induction using a candle (probably an electronic one, if that doesn’t offend our host.) I’ll probably add one or two additional topics to that as the time gets closer.
  • The last Hypno-munch of the year falls on December 28th, right in the middle of the winter holiday week. I know that as much as I adore my family and the togetherness of that time of year, I generally need a break right in the middle, and how better to spend that than with my other family, the hypno-kinky community?
Okay, so that brings us to the end of 2013. Since the topic of this post was the rest of the year, I’ll stop here, but I will say, we’ve got some fantastic stuff in the works for 2014! Parties? “Weekend Intensives” featuring known and respected teachers from far and wide? Some sort of “Unconference” in New England, dedicated entirely to Erotic Hypnosis and operated by one of the founders of NEHG (link pending)? Okay, well, that last one is only true with the scare quotes, but still, NEEHU is the most awesome conference-with-some-flexibility on the topic of Erotic Hypnosis that ever was. And if you are a member of the New England Hypnosis Community and you can make it without causing a death, a divorce, a pandemic, a firing, or some similar catastrophe, you really must. And if you happen to be one of the founders of NEHG and you have a URL for NEEHU 5, please let me know so I can link it!

Looking Forward to the August HypnoMunch

It’s just five days away, now. I’ve had so much fun at past HypnoMunches. And we always have lots of new people showing up, as well as returning faces. This time around I have specific RSVPs from several people who haven’t made it in the past, including old friends who’ve been away, folks who joined us for the first time at the Study Group meeting a few weeks ago, and complete strangers who will be coming to their very first NEHG event. Since everyone who shows up is our special guest of honor please be sure to make them all feel welcome!

If you haven’t RSVP’d, and you will be attending, please do so on the FetlLife event or contact me by email (Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.) You can also send questions to me that way, or post them on the official discussion thread (also on FetLife.)

Looking forward to meeting new folks, and catching up with old friends, not to mention lots of hypno-talk and good food.

Study Group Meeting #2 (September 3rd, 2013)

So, now that NEHG is fully active in the Metro Boston area, we have the Study Group! We meet once a month to share hypnosis skills and knowledge. The second meeting will be September 3rd. If you want to attend, RSVP to the event on FetLife or contact Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info. Also, check out the official discussion thread on our Fetlife group. (You must be logged into FetLife to use either link.)

This month, with the basics under our belts, we’ll be covering the most important skill a kinky hypnotist might never use, how to Handle an Abreaction. We’ll also dispel some of the Myths of Hypnosis. I’ll demonstrate an Eye Fixation Induction and talk a bit about what makes them work well, and maybe also the Floating in Space deepener. If time allows, I’ll also share the Pop Quiz trick that Wiseguy showed some of us in early August, for a little fun with memory play (in a safe and limited fashion.)

In addition to hands-on practice with the induction (and probably the deepener and the Quiz game) we will have time to practice freely, ask questions, and do something, or see an experienced hypnotist do something, or have something done to you that you are interested in. Questions, of course, to Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.

NEHG: Boston’s first Study Group (Tuesday, August 6, 2013)

Other events are forthcoming, but I’m posting this one to experiment with the style I want and get one up before I started putting out the word about the new


We’re getting together to share skills, develop our hypnotic abilities, and explore the possibilities of hypnosis. NEHG started out with a bunch of folks trying to learn to be hypnotists, or to be better hypnotists, and it’s time to start again with a new generation of hypnotists. We’re going to start out working from @Wiseguy35’s book Mind Play, which you won’t need for the first meeting. We’ve got some options to keep costs down, including a special offer for those who attend the Study Group from the author himself. We’ll be sharing our insights, techniques, and experiences. We’ll be digging up whatever sources we can use to learn about this amazing skill.

If you don’t yet know how to hypnotize someone, please let me know. From time to time as needed I’ll bring newcomers into the deep secrets of hypnosis. Beyond that, the group is designed to suit hypnotists at all levels of skill.

Here’s the Fetlife event listing (You can RSVP there) and here’s the official discussion thread (you can learn details of our discount on Mind Play there.)

Subjects are strongly encouraged to come, too. We will always need people to practice on!

Any questions? Send email to Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info or contact PhotoJoseph on FetLife

NEHG is the New England Hypnosis Group, a NELA SIG.

COST: No cost to attend our first meeting, but no food will be provided, either. There’s a very convenient Pizza parlor to the location. If you want a copy of Mind Play at our special rate, bring cash or your checkbook.

DRESS CODE: Appropriate for an apartment building. If you want to change once you’re inside the apartment, try not to be so distracting that you hinder other attendees’ ability to learn or teach.

TIME START: August 6th, 2013 (and the first Tuesday of each month) 7pm.

TIME END: 10pm

LOCATION: A private apartment in Everett, MA (address to be shared to those attending.) Carpooling should be readily available to the nearby Orange Line station.

Welcome to the new new

This post officially inaugurates the new website. The primary purpose of this website is to redirect you to our other communication methods, but some effort will be made to keep our activities up to date here. If you don’t see a recent update here, check out one of the links. We probably aren’t dead, we just forgot about the website.

If you have any questions about erotic/kinky hypnosis activities in the greater Boston area, email boston at nehg dot info. Hopefully if I’m no longer facilitating events in Boston, whoever is will have that address. By the time you read this, you should also be able to ask about events in the central Connecticut area by emailing ct at nehg dot info, and anywhere in the vast and spacious state of Rhode Island by emailing ri at nehg dot info.