NEHG History

The New England Hypnosis Group has been bringing quality recreational/erotic hypnosis events to New England for more than 4 years. Here is a listing of what we’ve been up to since the group started.


4/12/2009 – First Boston Hypnomunch

5/9/2009 – CT hypnosis meetup and demo

5/17/2009 – First Boston Hypnosis Club – Reality Is Plastic

6/20/2009 – Boston Hypnosis Club

7/19/2009 – Boston Hypnosis Club

7/25/2009 – Hypnosis Meetup

8/9/2009 – Hypnosis club

9/19/2009 – Hypnosis Munch and Party

9/27/2009 – Hypnosis club

10/10/2009 – Hypnosis Munch Tolland CT

10/25/2009 – Hypnosis club

11/15/2009 – Hypnosis club – Inductions/Deepeners (chapters 4-5 from Reality is Plastic)

11/21/2009 – Hypnosis munch/play party in NH (SirQittus)

12/19/2009 – Hypnosis munch/play party in Boston


1/9/2010 – Slightly north of Boston Tickling Munch

1/10/2010 – Boston Hypnosis club, topic induction du jour and crafting suggestions part I

1/30/2010 – Hypnosis munch + excursion to Desire party

2/12-2/14 – Hypnosis Special Interest Group Meetup at the FFF., , Room Induction by Lady Ru’etha

2/21/2010 – Boston Hypnosis Club – Elman Induction with BostonBond

3/7/2010 – Hypnosis Club 3/13/10 Hypno munch @ the Society

4/18/2010 – Hypnosis Club

[4/24/10][] Boston Hypno Munch

[5/16/10][] Hypno club with Richard Anthony

NEEHU – [6/11/10][], [6/12/10][]

[8/22/10][] Hypno club: Conversational Hypnosis with Hypnoboth

[9/19/10][] Hypno club: Suggestion Show and Tell

[10/16/10][] Hypno club: Costuming the Mind with Mephki

[11/29/10][] Field trip to see Lee Harrington present on Erotic Hypnosis

[12/19/10][] Hypno club: Instant inductions

#### 2011

Hypno munch

[1/9/11][] Hypnosis Club: Wording suggestions workshop with Enchanter

[2/26/11][] Hypnosis Club: Orgasms with words with Sweets and BostonBond

NEEHU 2 – [4/29/2011][]

[7/4/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hushabye teaches kinaesthetic hypnosis

[7/28/11][] Hypnosis Club: My first Induction with Photojoseph

[8/11/11][] Hypnosis Club: Dinner with Hypnomaestro

[8/14/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnoboth presents deepeners

[9/17/11][] Hypnosis Club: MrDream teaches being a great subject

[10/8/11][] Hypnosis Club: HypnoGuru teaches Erotic/Hypnotic Enslavement

[11/19/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnomaestro teaches 6 basic types of induction

[11/20/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnomaestro’s epic ethics talk

[12/3/11][] Hypnosis Club: Oooh! Shiny!

[12/21/11][] Hypnosis Club: Hypno Hangout

#### 2012

[1/28/12][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnomaster_D and the Global Suggestion

[2/25/12][] Hypnosis Club: My first Induction by Photojoseph

[3/17/12][] Hypnosis Club: Hypnosquirrel tells us how to get what we want via effective negotiation

[4/14/12][] Hypnosis Club: Peer learning night

4/27/2012 [NEEHU 3][]

[5/12/12][] Hypnosis Club: Exploring Confusion Inductions

[5/20/2012][] NEHG: CT – Erotic Hypnosis 101 + Demo

[6/9/2012][] NEHG: Boston – Mephki going away party

[7/15/2012][] Presentation by PhotoJoseph and DeCordazon

[7/22/2012][] NEHG: CT – Induction Workshop

[8/25/2012][] Hypnomunch in Watertown, MA

[9/23/2012][] NEHG: CT – Suggestion brainstorming forum

[9/28-30 2012][] Deepmind Darkwood 2

[11/18/2012][] NEHG: RI – Intro to Erotic Hypnotism

#### 2013

1/20/2013 – [NH Hypnosis Intensive Workshop][] hosted by LeeAllure

2/24/2013 – NEHG: CT – [Hypno Meetup][] and [Munch][]

2/15-17 2013 – [NEHG table at the FFF][]

3/14-18 2013 – [NEEHU 4][]

Everything Before the Trance – NEHG:Boston Study Group Session #6

How does the way I walk into the room impact my kinky trancey fun later?

From the moment you meet someone, you can be establishing expectation and anticipation for your trance, and that can make a big difference. So this month we’ll be covering everything from how you introduce yourself to how to negotiate a hot scene without losing sight of the importance of consent.

LexPlay will be providing a brief review of a relevant topic from our November meeting, and Divney will tell us what he’s put together about Negotiation and Consent Awareness. PhotoJoseph will be presenting the rest.

Oh, and a special treat (especially for the subjects) after all that important practical stuff, The Delirious and Devious Yo-Yo Trance!

The Study Group meets at a private apartment in Everett, MA on the first Tuesday of each month. The exact location is shared with people who are attending (you can RSVP via the Fetlife event listing or directly to PhotoJoseph on FetLife or Boston [at] NEHG [dot] info.) We also have an official discussion (and carpooling) thread on Fetlife, as usual.

Welcome to the new new

This post officially inaugurates the new website. The primary purpose of this website is to redirect you to our other communication methods, but some effort will be made to keep our activities up to date here. If you don’t see a recent update here, check out one of the links. We probably aren’t dead, we just forgot about the website.

If you have any questions about erotic/kinky hypnosis activities in the greater Boston area, email boston at nehg dot info. Hopefully if I’m no longer facilitating events in Boston, whoever is will have that address. By the time you read this, you should also be able to ask about events in the central Connecticut area by emailing ct at nehg dot info, and anywhere in the vast and spacious state of Rhode Island by emailing ri at nehg dot info.